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Brief description of the project:

«Interaction model for regional libraries» is a Norwegian project, where the four county libraries surrounding the Oslofjord (Vestfold, Østfold, Akershus and Buskerud) aims to study new opportunities and ways for future regional cooperation. The project application states, among other things:

County Libraries around the Oslo fjord has for many years had informal cooperation on training courses, seminars, projects and exchange of experiences through annual general meetings. Sometimes 2 or 3 counties joined forces, sometimes 4 […] On the basis of what the Library Report to the Storting states about the county libraries intended role in the future, we ask ourselves about our own future role: Should we regionally around the Oslo Fjord think about larger entities – a joint Oslofjord Library?

The project is defined under development theme of «partnership and cooperation», and focuses on

  • professional networks and partnerships
  • regional cooperation across sectoral boundaries or administrative coordination of library network

The aim of the project is to explore new opportunities and ways for future regional cooperation between the county libraries around the Oslo Fjord. There are a number of questions that need to be answered:

  • Should we think bigger units around the Oslo Fjord?
  • What do the county libraries in the future have in common, and what are the differences?
  • How can we meet the needs of the library community locally through specialization and cooperation, and in which fields?
  • Can we distribute the responsibility for different areas of expertise between us and this way cover a larger geographic area?
  • Can we coordinate our tasks and projects more?
  • How can we achieve good common solutions?
  • How to find the optimal organization, the best way of cooperation and skills development for a possible Oslo Fjord Alliance?
  • Can we achieve cost benefits (eg: IT systems, contracts, etc.)?
  • Is the partnership model a possible solution?
  • How can we achieve a better cost efficiency?
  • What triggers governmental fundings?

The project organization 

Steering group: the county library directors

Reference group: the county libraries’ employees

Project manager: Tone Moseid


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